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The World Cup or FIFA World Cup is an international football competition with a men’s national team set.

Participate in competitions in the International Football Federation (FIFA) membership.

The competition is held every 4 years, first starting in 1930 in the 1930 World Cup, except in 1942 and 1946, which was spared during World War II.

 The last winning team in the competition was the French national team.

That won the World Cup 2018, the current competition format The

competition consists of 32 teams.

 To compete in the venue of the host country Which will be held for about 1

month. The 32 final team competition is called Final World Cup

 As for the qualifying rounds that competed before that Currently, it will

take 3 years to decide which team will compete with the host country.

  In the 21 World Cup competitions, there are 8 nations that won the tournament, namely the Brazil national team winning 5 times.

 And is the only team that participates in every competition The other

national teams that win the competition are Italy and Germany win 4 times,

Argentina Uruguay national team And the French national team

 Win 2 times and England and Spain win 1 time. The World Cup is

considered the most watched sport in the world. แทงบอล

There are about 715.1 million viewers in the match for the 2006 World Cup

match held in Germany.

Today we will take you to know Playing table football Play equipment Make

a simulated soccer field with wood Connect the legs to become a table.

With a football player on both sides attached to the crossbar Arranged in a

row at various locations Like playing football on the real court, having 11

sides on each side

How to play

  1. Players have two sides After releasing the simulated soccer ball onto the field Players on both sides of the lever of their side. For the athlete’s side to kick the ball
    Football simulation to enter the door of the opponent.
  2. Each side must prevent the opponents to flip the football simulation into the door of their side. Losing wins and decides like playing football on the real court.
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